Life for St. Matthew: Saving a Historic House of Worship, St. Matthew, Chicago

Goal: $18,000 Paid $17,689 – 

St. Matthew Lutheran Church (LCMS) located at 2108 in the Pilsen Community provides
worship services in English and Spanish in a poverty stricken community of mostly Latino families as
well as the unemployed and homeless. St. Matthew was organized over 145 years ago by German
immigrants who settled in Chicago but later lost most of these members when they moved to the suburbs.
The congregation presently serves a small but faithful number of members who have recently shown
growth through new member classes and confirmation instruction.
This historic house of worship is listed in the national register of historic places in Illinois.
Recently, St. Matthew has been cited with seven building violations which need to be addressed with
much needed repair in order for church to remain open. A grant from NID LWML will enable St.
Matthew to begin the process of correcting and repairing the violations and bringing the building up to
code, to breathe new life within its walls and allow the ministry of the church to continue for many years
to come.

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