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Food and Clothing Co-op, Concordia Theology Seminary, Fort Wayne

Goal: $10,000 Paid in full – 

The Food and Clothing Co-op on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary plays a key role
in helping students feed and clothe their families during their seminary years. Nearly 60 % of the
students are married, second career with families. When the decision is made to leave their jobs and
come to the seminary, the students no longer have the same financial flow of funds that they had, but
continue to have the same financial needs. For many families the spouse does not find adequate
employment in Fort Wayne, because employers know they will be available for only a short time. One of
the ways the seminary seeds to reduce this financial burden is by providing access to a Food and Clothing
Co-op, which is supported through individual donors, churches and other organizations. The Food co-op
is currently able to supply between 80% and 85% of all food and household needs each month at no cost
to the student. It operates as an actual cooperative with each family volunteering a certain amount of time
each month in either the food or clothing area, for which they receive points in exchange, points
redeemable each shopping day. Students can also shop at their own discretion in the clothing area during
operating hours, and take whatever they need for free – no points, vouchers or money are necessary in the
clothing area. $10,000 will supply perishable food items for this vital part of the support of seminary

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