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Lutheran Women's Missionary League mite box

Fundraising progress

Mite Goal for 2020-2022: $157,000 was approved


Total Mites Received
As of: 10/31/2021$104,659.88
   Unused from 2018-2020$18,356.19
To date received:$123,016.07
Mite Goal$157,000.00
Amount still needed to reach our goal$33,983.93

In these 15 months of the 2020-2022 biennium (7/1/2020 thru 6/30/2022) we received
$123,016.07 for mites. This number includes the actual received from 7/01/2020 to 10/31/2021
of $104,659.88, and carry over from 2018-2020 biennium of $18,356.19.

Our mite goal for this biennium is $157,000 which was approved by the voting body for the
2020 LWML District Convention. We need to receive $33,983.93 more to meet our Mite goal at the
end of the biennium on June 30, 2022.

2020 – 2022 Mission Grants
Worship Anew Ministry to Aging and Unchurched $17,600 paid in full
Jacmel Lutheran Home and Center of Refuge Orphanage $15,000
Dr. William H Griffin Community Center Food Pantry $18,000, paid $8774.31
Phil’s Friends Hope expansion project $10,000, paid in full
Dorcas Project-Leadership training for women in Ghana $17,000, paid: $5798.20
Lutheran books for Buddhist Southeast Asia $15,000 paid in full
Salam Christian Fellowship $1,150

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/LWML-NID-Mite-Thermometer-2020-22-Oct-2021.pdf to print the October thermometer.

Mission Grant Posters

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Mongolia-Grant.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Russia-Seminary-Grant.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Belize-Grant.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/202107-LHF-LWML-grant.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Grants-to-be-paid.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Phils-Friends-poster-May-2021.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Ghana-poster-April-2021.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Zion-Poster-March-2021.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Feb-Poster-Haiti-LWML.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Salam-Poster-2020-1.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/LHF-Poster-Jan-2021.pdf to download the poster.

Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/Worship-Anew-Dec-2020-Poster.pdf to download the poster.

Mission grant resources

How to donate

Please make a donation online or mail mite donations to:

P.O. Box 958012
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169-8012


Click https://lwmlnid.org/wp-content/uploads/SocietyRemittanceForm2021.pdf for the Society Remittance Form.