The stamp ministry receives stamps from more than just the Northern Illinois District. We receive inquires from all over the nation. And interest continues! In fact, it is the single most inquired about ministry on the website.
If you want to contribute to this ministry here is what we look for:

1. All intact picture postcards. Do not cut off the stamps, send the entire postcard.
2. All old (pre 1930) envelopes intact. Do not cut off the stamps.
3. All foreign stamps, large and small.
4. Large commemorative U.S. stamps.
5. Small definitive (common) U.S. stamps (including USA nonprofit bulk stamps), except DO NOT
save Love, Flag, Bell OR Christmas stamps. Save unused charity return mail stamps.
6. Any collections of stamps, save on sheets if possible and do not remove stamps from pages or albums.

If at all possible, stamps should be trimmed leaving about 1/4″ margin around the stamp. Do not trim stamps to touch perforations or the stamps will be discarded.
Elvera R. is the LWML NID point person collecting stamps for this ministry. If you are not a member of an LCMS Church where you can drop them at your local LWML meeting, send stamps the cheapest way (no priority needed) to : LWML NID c/o Trinity Lutheran Church, 1101 Kimberly Way, Lisle, IL 60532. If you have other questions you may also contact the Vice President of Communications at