Clothing protectors

Clothing protectors

Please continue to make clothing protectors for Bethesda and give them to Elvera Ruff for delivery.

Use a standard size bath towel. Inexpensive ones work well.

Turn over 7″ to 9″ as desired at the top for a flap to go over the shoulder.

Make a pattern for the 7″ circle cut-out. ( An old file folder works because of its sturdiness)

Mark the center of the pattern and place in the center of towel, fold and cut out semi-circle. Unfold the flap and cut the short 7″ piece to open the circle. Measure binding long enough for this cut flap (2 pieces) and sew onto towel. Then, measure the opening plus 24″ of binding for neck binding and ties. You can make your own binding or use standard bias binding tape available in all sewing centers. Measure 12″ in on binding for first tie and place the raw towel edge incise the binding. Pin in place and then sew. Leave the other 12″ binding for second tie on the other end of the circle.

Click here to download the instructions.