Mission Grants

Mission Grants

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In these 12 months of the 2016-2018 biennium (7/1/16 thru 10-31-17) we received $105,538.64 for mites.

Based on the goal of $178,500.00 which was accepted at the 2016 LWML Convention, our monthly goal for mites is $7,437.50. We should have received $119,000.00 for this time period – making us behind by $(13,461.36)

Please make check out to and mail mite donations to LWML NID, P.O. Box 958012, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169-8012.

1. Belize Mission Feeding Program, $18,000 paid $10,810.90

We know that sharing the love of Jesus every day by providing a meal for hungry children is significant.  The Belize Mission Society currently feeds 43 students lunch under the home of a local resident in Seine Bight Belize.  The principal has identified the need for 150+ students to participate in the lunch program.  Expanding the program to be held on school property and accommodate the larger need is an extension of Mercy outreach, as the LCMS works toward establishing the first Lutheran Church of Belize.

2. Interpreters for MOST Ministries, $10,000 paid $5,519.50

Physical and spiritual needs of people are only met when interpreters can relate questions and/or messages of team members to them.  Short term mission teams sent by MOST Ministries are the result of requests by the LCMS missionaries in the country being served.  Physical needs include providing eyeglasses, education about hygiene, installing water filtration systems and providing medical care.  Spiritual needs are met through sharing the gospel with adults and children.  Providing $10,000 to pay the cost for interpreters will continue to allow the Gospel to be spread and physical needs to be provided.  Help teams spread Christ’s love.

3. STEM Education Equipment, Walther Lutheran High School, $16,315

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education is of primary importance in today’s world.  Walther Christian Academy’s grant request supports STEM education and focuses on our math and science departments.  To make teaching more interactive and effective, support for the purchase of additional technology equipment is requested.

4. Bible Storybooks for Kenya and Tanzania, $10,000 paid in full

Imagine trying to teach Sunday school without a single Lutheran Bible storybook in your language.  What would you do?   This is the situation faced by Swahili-speaking Lutherans through East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Mission congregations and LCMS partner churches are in desperate need of children’s teaching materials for Sunday school and for home devotions.  With the help of the LWML NID, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation will translate and publish 10,000 copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Swahili, which will be given free to the families and churches that need them.

5. Beyond the Walls – NID, Lutheran Special Education Ministries [LSEM] $14,850 paid $4,347.65

LSEM’s Beyond the School Walls offers needed support to children with learning needs to become proficient readers and/or mathematicians.  Being able to read proficiently provides accessibility to God’s Word, the Bible.   Northern Illinois District participants gain access to the project when they are identified as a child with learning needs in a LSEM Partnership Program, or when parents request help from LSEM’s Resource Center.  An online curriculum provides accessibility for the learner as well as other helpful LSEM resources:  online instructional webinars and Parent eNewsletters featuring Christ-centered devotions and other beneficial information.

6. Reaching the Homebound in NID, Lutheran Ministries Media, $15,000 paid in full

Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc.’s mission is to “share Christ’s love through ministry and media’ and does so by producing a weekly, 30-minute Lutheran broadcast worship service called Worship for Shut-Ins.  The program has been around since 1965 and each service includes music, scripture readings, prayers, and a Lutheran pastor delivering a message that is designed to feel one-on-one to the viewer.  Each program is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.  Lutheran doctrine and Word and Sacrament remain central to every broadcast, pointing to Christ as our
Savior and bringing the reality of that salvation to the hearts of viewers.  Worship for Shut-Ins celebrated 50 years in 2015 and looks forward to many more years of sharing the Gospel with the homebound and unchurched of the world.

7. Spanish Language Materials & Outreach, $6,000

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Chicago, is a 125+ year old LCMS congregation of the NID that is located in the center of a community that is more than 50% Hispanic.   Since 2012, Trinity has been developing a Spanish language outreach mission and currently offers Divine Services in Spanish every Sunday followed by a 1hour Bible study.  The LCMS grant money would be used to further this mission through purchase of hymnals, CDs and other worship and study materials as well as a portion going toward musician salaries and further promotional efforts.

8. Sharing the Love of Christ with Immigrants in Detention $10,000

In one of his final lessons to the disciples before He was crucified, as Matthew 25:36 tells us, Jesus taught the importance of ministry to imprisoned people.  Echoed in Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews, He calls on us to serve those in prison as if they were Jesus himself.  Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) seeks to live out that call with our Detention Ministry.  Our goal is to offer healing and hope to immigrants imprisoned while they wait to make their case for relief through the court system.  This will be done through providing Bibles to those immigrants in detention.

9. Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat $3,500

This grant extends the mission and ministry of the Word by serving the men and women of the LCMS who serve in various ‘shepherd’ capacities across the church body at large.  This grant will assist Shepherd’s Canyon in providing facilities, utilities, and food,  enabling suffering pastors and other professional church workers, along with their spouses, to attend a 7-day healing retreat located outside Phoenix, Arizona.  A grant of $3500 will provide food and utilities for three weeks of retreats.  SCR is merely the tool.  The Holy Spirit provides the healing every time!

10. Dr. William H Griffin Community Center Food Pantry $18,000 paid $13,601.89
The Dr. William H. Griffin Community Center, a ministry of Zion Lutheran Church (Winston), Chicago,  was inaugurated in 2008 to serve the needs of the community and to be a bridge for Gospel outreach.  Since that year, we have continuously added more services.  The center serves approximately 300 individuals monthly through its weekly food pantry, clothing bank, weekly wellness and exercise program, college/career preparation and several outreach events organized throughout the year.

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