Special Focus Ministries

Special Focus Ministries

Please save used postage stamps.

  • Please turn in collected stamps to your LWML friend, family member, district, or society member.
  • Collections are year round.
  • All money received from this collection is used toward mission grants.
  • Envelope color is not an issue.Stamps should be cut off envelopes leaving a 1/4 inch edge around the stamps.Flag and Bell stamps should not be saved.Postcards are welcome. Please save the whole card. Do not just send the stamp. Cutting the stamp off postcards makes them lose their value.Stamps in albums, foreign and commemorative stamps are especially welcome.Thank you for helping.

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League NID invites you to save postage stamps – especially during the holiday season and donate them for our mission grant collections.

Compassionate, Caring, Card Makers Needed:
Please consider making cards for the Care Card Ministry.
Click here for a printable/e-mailable flyer.
Click here for a printer-friendly flyer.

Care Card Ministry:
Human Care - card making
Interested in starting a Care Card Ministry in your Society?
Click here for a color flyer.

Click here for directions to make sleeping mats from plastic bags. Check out the Lutheran Church Charity video here.

Click here for information on the Disaster Relief Scrub Bucket project.

Click here for the LCMS Disaster Survival Kit project & list.

Click here for the Pillowcase dress directions from Lutheran Church Charities.

Click here for the Spiritual Care Kit list from Lutheran Church Charities.

Click here for the Prayer Shawl directions from Lutheran Church Charities.

Bring any eyeglasses, sunglasses, and eyeglass cases to any LWML NID meeting or event which will be donated to MOST Ministries.